I still don’t know how I really feel, but I know I’m pushing a lot of distance and space between basskicksandsnarehits and I but he has done nothing but take it. I have screamed and cursed and cried and flipped out and he has just taken everything.
That says a lot to me.
So I’m still not sure what I want, but I am put somewhat at ease knowing that he is really serious this time.
We’ll still see. I’m still trying to figure out if *I* deem this as worth yet another go-round.

Is she sick? I saw a post of hers seems like she wants to be alone. it's dramatic tho acting like she's dying trying to get pity.


I wronged her and she wants her space. As for the pity, and trust me on this, she doest care for petty things like that. Dont meddle in what doesnt pertain to you, it isnt wise.

I don’t need anyone’s pity. My venting is not for anyone but me to get shit off my chest. Soooooooo fuck you! Thanks!